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cool WIP

Mar 16, 2022

OMG!!! The dog ate my bacteria!!! This week, we’re wiggin out over visual artist / young mad scientist Connor Dolan.


This week, we’re coolin with our youngest, most daring guest, who has somehow found a way to obtain yellowcake uranium as an unemployed college student…  Visual artist Connor Dolan is galavanting around the mines of Missouri, breaking into toxic dumps, contacting overseas suppliers, and shutting down art schools with his highly conceptual work. Informed by the scientific process and employing the principles of the grotesque, Dolan incorporates dark or highly dangerous materials to develop a haunting, beautiful, and transcendent body of work that tricks you into exploring concealed, neglected, and taboo subject matter. We’re talkin bacterial self portraits, breaking your own legs, needles, and of course, fish having sex in wigs.

Find him and his work @csnnor and