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cool WIP

Jun 22, 2022

Great walls of fire! We’re coolin’ with the director of The Latent Space / master of mediums, practicing artist Kalan Strauss.

We’re talkin’ Los Angeles, manifesting, Lucky the Three Legged Dog, art on the blockchain, purple disco balls, Mike Talayna’s Jukebox and Pizza Open Until 3 AM (now closed), Hollywood, soap operas, and how Strauss’ expansive, diverse practice challenges the veracity of the images presented to us.

Currently splitting time between LA and Chicago, Strauss embodies openness, curiosity, and a comfort with being malleable. His artistic and curatorial practices are fluid, unrestricted to a single medium or subject.

Check out The Latent Space’s exchange show Warm Walls, a duo exhibition of work by Andrew Park & S.H. KIM that was curated by Strauss, on view at Monaco through July 9th.

Find Kalan at and @kalan.eth on Instagram

Find The Latent Space at @thelatentspace on Instagram