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cool WIP

Apr 26, 2022

Welcome to Esthercom!!! Anything is possible with the neon queen… the incredible Brooklyn based sculptor Esther Ruiz. 

She traveled ACROSS THE COUNTRY to come cool with us for the opening of her site specific solo show Hall of Exits, at Monaco -  organized by our very own, Nick Schleicher. We’re talking Turrel, Space Opera Suzukis, the glory days of American Apparel, electric gooey rib cages, and the way in which Ruiz’s neon sculptures use the process of distillation and the seductive power of reduction to create pseudo-spiritual objects designed to invoke mystical, meditative portals to another dimension. 


Find her and her work and @esther___ruiz on Instagram.

*Episode Note* It was brought to our attention that we mispronouced Esther's last name in the introduction. The correct pronunciation is "roo EEZ." We will be sure to correct it moving forward.

Thank you for listening, and we are always open and eager for any feedback!